Welcome to the parish website for Kilbarron, Ballyshannon, Co. Donegal. We want to make an interesting and worthwhile location for both parishioners and visitors to keep up to date with what's happening in our parish.

Parish Notices

01st November

Shaun McFadden - The Mall

01st November

Kathleen Boyle - Tullymore

30th October

Audrey Sheerin - Cloghore

29th October

Cáit Askin - Coolcholly

25th October

Jennifer Greene - Cashelard

  • 09th October - Sarah Jane Gillespie and Colin Kelly
  • 24th September - Lorraine Gillespie and Ciaran Ferguson
  • 18th September - Aoife McArdle and Phelim McGeady
  • 28th July - Kate Ward and Patrick Ward
  • 10th July - Rebecca McDonagh and Barry Rouse
  • 11th June - Joanne Patton and Cathal Kelly
  • 12th December - Laurena McGlinchey and Darren McGee
  • 19th September - Niamh Drummond and Michael Lawless
  • 03rd August - Caoibhé McGee and Colin Maguire
  • 29th November - Louise Larkin and Daniel McGullion
  • 07th November - Jax Finn Coughlin
  • 07th November - Cora Marie Walsh
  • 07th November - Caolán Dónal Kelly-Rooney
  • 07th November - Alex Thomas Geoghegan
  • 03rd October - Cealan John Carr
  • 03rd October - Anna Mai McGonigle
  • 05th September - Caden Michael Patrick Stitt
  • 05th September - John Benjamin Gillespie
  • 05th September - Nell Jo Cronin
  • 01st August - Martin Peter Deery

World Day of Remembrance for Road Traffic Victims

World Day of Remembrance for Road Traffic Victims is on 

Sunday the 21st of November. 

Praying for road traffic victims and their families.

Blessing of emergency services.

Blessing of cars after Mass that weekend.

At the 6.15pm Mass on the Saturday evening (November 20th) before this date we will remember and pray for all those who have died in tragic circumstances on our roads.  

A candle will be lit for each victim. 

If you would like to have a candle lit for a relative or friend please give their name to any of the priests or call the Parish Office 

on 98 51295

We also pray for families, friends and communities who continue to live with this grief every day, and for those involved in the aftermath of a tragedy; Fire Services, Gardaí, Ambulance Crew, Clergy, Medical Personnel and Counsellors.

Let us remind ourselves how precious life is and how vulnerable we all are each and every time we use the roads -  as drivers or pedestrians - and ask ourselves:

     “What can I do to make sure that  fewer families 

     are grieving for their loved ones this Christmas?”

-We must be fully responsible for our actions

-We must be visible on the roads at all times

-We must be vigilant of other road users

-Never ever drink / take drugs and drive

-Never let anyone under the influence drive

-Never use mobile phone when driving

Sacrament of Confirmation 2021

Bishop Alan McGuckian recommended in a letter to all parishes that parishes begin now to prepare for the ceremonies of Confirmation and First Communion from mid-August onward.

Hence the arrangements for the Celebration for the Sacrament of Confirmation in this Parish of Kilbarron are as follows:

Creevy N.S. Group A - Confirmation on Saturday, 21st August at 11am (Practice on Friday, 20th August at 6.30pm)

Creevy N.S. Group B - Confirmation on Saturday, 21st August at 2pm (Practice on Friday, 20th August at 7.15pm)

Rockfield, Scoil Chaitríona & Gaelscoil - Confirmation on Sunday, 22nd August at 2pm (Practice on Friday, 20th August at 8pm)

Each family will be allocated a seat each - maximum of 9 people, inclusive of Confirmandi, sponsor and parents.

Bishop McGuckian writes in his letter: "It is very important that we conduct any ceremonies according to the strict guidelines and protocols that we have been following to date. I respectfully request that it be made clear, in the interests of safety, that any subsequent gatherings be kept strictly within family pods."

Now that we have definite dates, let us pray that the Conferring of the Sacrament of Confirmation will be a special celebration and an occasion of renewal of faith for all our Confirmandi and their families.

First Penance and First Eucharist 2021

First Penance and First Eucharist 2021


First Confessions


Monday 14th June at 7pm: Creevy N.S.


Tuesday 15th June at 6pm: Gaelscoil Éirne


Tuesday 15th June at 6pm: Scoil Chaitríona 

     & Rockfield N.S.


Parents and child only to attend; Covid-19 

guidelines re sanitising, masks, social distancing 

are to be observed throughout.


First Holy Communion


Saturday 11th Sept. at 11am: Creevy N.S. Group 1


Saturday 11th Sept. at 2pm: Creevy N.S. Group 2


Saturday 18th Sept. at 11am: Scoil Chaitríona, Rockfield NS & Gaelscoil Éirne


Restricted seating in St. Patrick’s will limit each family to one seat only - maximum of 9 people

No participation by the children: Readings by teachers and music by cantor only (no choir)

Guidelines re social distancing, sanitising, wearing of masks to be adhered to.

There will be no refreshments or gathering after the Ceremony.



The most important preparation for these Sacraments is praying as a family at home and attending Sunday Mass. With our 

            churches open again, please bring your child 

            to Mass over the summer months.

Prepare your child for the Sacraments 

            discussing the Catechetical Programme  

            which they are doing at school, and helping  

            them to get to know the Mass using their  

            “THUMBS” Book.

“The Little Way Sunday School” on YouTube has good videos for children 

             preparing for the Sacraments.


Holy Week Ceremonies

will be celebrated behind closed doors in St. Patrick's
HOLY THURSDAY - 6.15pm Mass of the Lord's Supper
GOOD FRIDAY - 3.00pm Celebration of the Lord's Passion
8.00pm Prayer around the Cross
HOLY SATURDAY - 9.00pm Easter Vigil
EASTER SUNDAY - 11.00am Mass of the Resurrection
All Masses viewable online at

Christmas Masses at St. Patrick's

  • The Irish Bishops recommend that families consider attending their Christmas Mass on any of the 12 Days of Christmas
  • Anyone with an underlying health condition and the elderly are recommended to watch Mass on the Parish Webcam at
  • Places in St. Patrick’s are limited to 100 at each Mass due to government guidelines.
  • St. Patrick’s Church is divided into two sections (pods) - on both sides of main aisle - and there is to be no crossover from one section to the other.

        Right Hand Section: Enter and leave church by upper side-door facing car park.

        Left Hand Section: Enter and leave church by upper side-door facing Chapel Street.

  • Holy Communion (in the hand only) will be distributed to each section separately
  • Masks must be worn coming to church, all during Mass, and leaving the Church.

      You must book your place for a Christmas Mass, and you will be issued with a booking ticket. Church will be closed when allowed capacity has entered. So please come early!


Christmas Mass Times

Christmas Eve: 

9.30 am (for elderly), 6 pm, 8 pm and 10 pm.


Christmas Day:

7.30 am, 9.30 am and 11.30 am.


  • You may book your place & get your ticket in the Parish Office or after any of the weekend Masses.
  • Booking system will be closed after Sunday, 20th December.
  • Four allowed in each seat observing 2m social distancing; couples/family may sit together.

Please follow the guidance of the stewards in St. Patrick’s to ensure the welfare and health of all in these challenging times.


All Souls Day

Masses: 9.30am & 6.15pm in St. Patrick's.

Masses behind closed doors can be viewed online at

Let us pray during this time for all our deceased relatives and friends

6.15pm Mass on Monday, 2nd November for the deceased of the Parish who died this past year. A candle will be lit for every deceased member.

(If someone belonging to you has died outside the parish and you would like to have a candle lit for them please give their name to any of the priests or the parish office 98 51295)  

Do This In Memory

25th October 2020 - Enrolment Sunday

8th November 2020 - 32nd Sunday in Ordinary Time

22nd November - Feast of Christ the King

20th December - 3rd Sunday of Advent

17th January 2021 - 3rd Sunday in Ordinary Time (Year B)

14th February - 6th Sunday in Ordinary Time

7th March - Third Sunday of Lent

28th March - Palm (Passion) Sunday

18th April - 3rd Sunday of Easter

6th June - Feast of Corpus Christi

National Level 5 Covid-19

(To run until the 1st December)

* Churches open for private prayer only (10am - 7pm)

* Masses, with the booked intentions, will be celebrated behind closed doors

* Weekend Masses     - 6.15pm Saturday and 11am Sunday in St. Patrick's

                                - No 9am Mass on Sunday

                                - St. Mary's, Cashelard will be closed (Intentions remembered at Sunday, 11am Mass in St. Patrick's and viewable online at  

* Baptisms booked for November deferred

* Congregations allowed in for funerals (up to 25 mourners) and weddings (up to 25 guests)

* Adoration will continue as usual on Saturdays and Wednesdays

* First Friday Calls - postponed for time being (Priest can be called at any time if needed)

First Holy Communion

First Holy Communion will be celebrated for the children from the schools of our Parish on the following dates:


Saturday, 5th September at 11am - Creevy N.S. (Group 1) and

                                         at 2pm - Creevy N.S. (Group 2)


Saturday, 12th September at 2pm - Scoil Chaitríona and Rockfield N.S.


Saturday, 19th September at 11am - Gaelscoil Éirne

Next Baptisms

Sunday, 6th September at 12 noon

Anyone wishing to register is asked to contact the parish office 071 9851295.